Cause ya gotta have friends

How cool is it when your friends know you so well?

David and I received a package from Craig and Mark in the US the other day, a present for our 10-year anniversary and it was an awesome bundle of joy.

There were two bottles of fragrance… Egoist for David and Armarni White for me. Which as you know from reading “Getting to know you is getting around” is my favourite smell AND has been discontinued in Australia… I was over the moon when I saw that in the box.

But it doesn’t stop there, the box also contained two pop-up books. The Pop-up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns and the Pop-up book of Phobias (see pics below).

And while you’d think that was more than enough from a gift that came from so far away, you’d be wrong. The package also contained a Z-Board for World of Warcraft. A Z-Board is a keyboard that has mapped keys for all of the in-game options, it even has the “Chicken” button (makes your character dance like a chicken). I can’t wait to use it!

Thanks heaps Craig and Mark… brilliant presents.

Michael Jackson shows off baby The Pop-up book of Celebrity Meltdowns


  1. Glad you liked them! :)

    I may be a long way away from you both, but you’re never far from my mind.

    You just have to love blogs, they’re the perfect place to search when you’re looking for something to get someone. It also doesn’t hurt that I know you outside of the cyber-blog world too! :D

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