Busy Sunday

Nintendo Wii

Yesterday was a busy busy day, we woke up early went to Coco in Collingwood for breakfast. It was a different cafe and while I did enjoyed the food I’m not sure we’ll be rushing back. David had a Spanish Omelette, which included potato, tomato and onion. I had the vegetarian breakfast of two poached eggs, on thick brown toast, covered in hollandaise sauce, served with mushrooms, spinach, and basil pesto.

We were in the city to attend the Computer Market at the Collingwood Town Hall. Our search for RAM for our laptops had us asking everyone there for a price. We’re pretty sure the guy we bought the RAM from mis-priced it and so we ended up with 1GB extra RAM each for a total of $110, about $40 less than the next cheapest place.

On the way out David stopped at the guy who chips consoles to find out how much it would cost to get our Wii modded, $100 plus 2 free games, of course we didn’t bring the Wii with us so we had to head home to get it and back again. As it was going to take about an hour to install the chip we headed out to check out what was going on in Collingwood.

On Smith street there is a “Lost and Found Market” where we easily spent an hour looking around at all of the items for sale, most of which I reckon our parents had at one time or another while we were growing up. We also saw a lovely pair of ruby slippers, an item I know our friend Trudy has been looking for.

Back at the market the chip man was testing our Wii, you could have heard my jaw drop when it wouldn’t work at all. Scared was I. After a few turns of a screwdriver the man had the unit open again and re soldered the chip he had added to our Wii, did it all up again and presto it worked just fine, better than fine. It was running the new Super Paper Mario, an NTSC game that isn’t even available here yet.

We had China T for dinner and watched the movie “Totally Awesome” which has some funny bits, but overall was a little lame. Their explanation of why there is no dancing in their town had David and I laughing for most of the rest of the movie, my girlfriend was asking me to go with her to take couples dance lessons in Vancouver.

Today has mostly been about cleaning the house, getting it back into some sense of order. We also got Bungee and Baby Bungee some new toys and a heavier water bowl so Baby Bungee can have a drink, he hasn’t quite gotten used to using the drip waterer yet.

I’ve got a shift at Switchboard tonight and I’m already tired, not a good way to start.


  1. Hey I was just wondering where you got your Wii chipped? I have been looking for someone to do it but its harder than i thought to find someone to do it

  2. Yeah Im in Melbourne! Ill check it out!
    I heard paper mario was an amazing game, is it really that great?
    Anyway thanks heaps for your help!

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