Bunnies’ first bath

I’ve never washed a rabbit before, I mean, they do that themselves right?

The new rabbit, which I really have to name soon, came to us a little smelly and while he looked cute and cuddly I couldn’t bring myself to hug and squeeze him for too long.

This morning he got his first bath, and it seemed approprate that if the little tyke was getting a bath then it was time Bungee had a bath too.

The little one freaked a little being in the water, but Bungee was fine, happy to sit there while we washed her, not what I ever expected.

For the next few hours the rabbits re-cleaned themselves, drying themselves off better than we could with the towels.

Oh and did I mention yet that the little rabbit can squeeze (read: walk easily) through the bars in the rabbit cage, so he probably spent most of last night out of the cage and was in and out of Bungee’s section last night.

We’re hoping that with the clean cage, new base, and nice clean bunnies they will bond nicely and be friends for life.


  1. Yeah they kinda look like big rats when they are wet… freaky huh… I have to admit that you wouldn’t see them like this very often. Bunnies having a bath is quite rare.

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