Breach Movie PosterBased on a true story, Breach is the story of the downfall of an FBI Agent who was convicted of selling State secrets to the Russian Government.

Of course I like stories of intrigue and mystery and like the Bourne (soon to be) trilogy I like spy movies and good looking guys, and this movie is no exception.

Ryan Phillippe stars as Eric O’Neill, a not yet agent who has been put in the office of Robert Hanssen in an attempt to get information on him for the Bureau who are already suspicious of Hanssen.

Of course everything goes a little awry as things are want to do and Eric (Ryan’s character) has to use his wits to ensure he and those around him stay safe.

One telling line by Chris Cooper‘s character talks about how we spend too much time working on different agendas (I’m paraphrasing) and too little time working together.

He’s also a sexual deviant who prays to a god daily!

Breach is a movie that is well put together. You know of course I’d watch it even if it wasn’t, Ryan is in it after all.

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  1. I have seen stories (documentaries) about this guy. For what he did, betraying his country etc., he didn’t really get paid that much. To do the same thing, I would need billions. Nah, wouldn’t do it.

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