Apple, Yum

Dang nabbit… bought my lovely new MacBook Pro just three short weeks ago… I should have held off but alas I’m not one to regret and have been much happier these past few weeks with my mobile freedom.

As I told Daniel at work what would make me a little sad would be to never see one in the flesh, but as he is about to lay down $6,000 on a maxed out 17″ with a high-res screen I’ll get to see one soon enough.

The only real bad thing is that the new version of the MacBook Pro is actually cheaper than the old so even with our super discount we come out spending about the same as what the new ones cost, but we have much less spec in ours.

On a lighter note I saw this iPhone ad this morning, made by an iPhone fan, it’s cool. The one thing that will make me really sad is if the iPhone becomes available here soon and I won’t be able to get one :(

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