You Always Eat Well

When you work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds (read: wogs).

Vedran brought in some Knedle this morning. A dumpling with a centre of a plum. Sweet and savoury at the same time, it’s a different taste I’ve not tried before. And not one I’ll say I’m a huge fan of.

In the theme Vedran sent through the St Albans Maths Exam… here is a couple of sample questions.

  1. If Mohamed lowers his WRX two inches front and back and puts on stolen 18-inch Auscar slotted wheels, how many inches has he lost from the stock suspension?
  2. If Mustaffa runs 10 km from the Police in Taylors Lakes to Ginnifer station then steals a car and drives another 5 km to Sunshine, how many kilometres has he travelled if he ends up hiding at Highpoint Shopping Centre?

I know, I know, not very politically correct of me, but they were shared by a local.

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