Weekend Over Already?

PMA Apple DisplayTime flies, I wish I could slow it down just a little at times. This weekend we had a bit of a night out on Friday night, slept in till 10.30 am Saturday.

On Saturday we headed out to PMA, Photographic Imaging World here in Melbourne. The aim, to check out the latest in all things photographic.

The one thing that appeared quite obvious is I have a LONG LONG way to go. I need some more education regarding photography and a whole lotta money to acquire some of the equipment I would like to own. The biggest learning curve for me is lighting… learning how to light a scene, both in studio and in the field.

We also got a look at Aperture from Apple. I’ve had it before as but on my retiring G5 Dual 1.8 it wouldn’t run and barely ran on the computer at work. The latest incarnation looks a little different and a whole lot more powerful. Looking forward to having my hands on it when my new laptop comes into being.

Speaking of the laptop, we also had a look at the Crumpler stand at the show. They had an awesome display and as always awesome bags. With 20% off at the show we took advantage and purchased a couple of “The Dreadful Embarrasment” laptop bags (name updated thanks to David). Now I just have to get the laptop to go with it.

Saturday night Mel and Linda came over for dinner, David made nachos and we had a couple of bottles of the good stuff before sitting down to play a game of Monopoly. Our Monopoly has been wrapped in packing tape since quite a few moves ago, I think the last time David and I played it, we lived in Newtown (so about 9.5 years ago).

Fortunately I won, YAY and it didn’t become a blood-bath which it usually does when people play the game.

Linda also had a look over some product samples for The Usagi Project… let’s say her review was less than I had desired, but completely understandable and I don’t want to start the project with less than the best, so we are on the search for a new supplier.

Sunday was a so-so day, of to Bunnings we went to get some weed stuff to get rid of the damn plants I posted about yesterday, then an afternoon of ironing (bloody domestic chores). We also watched a movie called “Clive Barker’s: The Plague” starring James Van Debeek.

The Plague starts with all the children in the world, under the age of nine, falling into a comatose state. They remain that way for 10 years before they wake up and starting killing everyone else.

I love Clive Barker‘s books, they are an awesome read, but I feel his films are suffering the same fate as most of Stephen King‘s in the past they get messed up by the other people who want to change the story for their own reasons and more often than not, to the detriment of the film.

What’s worse is this film suffers the same fate as the recently viewed “Hellbent“, you never find out why the kids became comatose, you never find out why they woke up 10 years later and you certainly never find out why they started to kill everyone over the age of nineteen.


  1. Dude, I also took advantage of the 20% of and got a “considerable embarrassment” for my wife for mothers day. I love those bags.

  2. Craig… sooo sorry… you gave the film such a “good” wrap we can’t bring ourselves to watch it just yet. We’re horrible people I know. I promise we WILL get to it.

  3. You’d better! There are some funny parts in it.
    I told the original owner a short time ago and he sighed and pointed out that it could have been in another country by now.

    Slackers :P

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