Weekend In Sydney: Day One

After a delayed start at Avalon Airport, due to bad weather in Sydney, we arrived for our weekend in Sydney at about 10:15 PM Friday night.

During our one hour wait at the airport I managed to install Windows Vista on my brand new MacBook Pro and am running Boot Camp to access it. The plan is to install Parallels too, but that will wait until my return to Melbourne.

After arriving in Sydney we went straight to Avis to pick up our rental car, a Hyundai Getz, to get around in for the next couple of days. We then looked up our destination on my Nokia N95’s GPS system and away we went.

The GPS isn’t really required much here in Sydney these days, the M7 will pretty much get you anywhere you need to go. In fact, other than a small detour of our own making the trip from the airport to Windsor (where we were picking up Jody who was on a Girls’ Night Out) was a mere three or four roads.

After collecting Jody, and having a bevie at the Jolly Frog, we went home to Jody’s place and into bed for a much needed rest.

At Jody and Gregs the have a shed built with a guest room (including bathroom) that is detatched from the house… the last time we were here, the concrete for this shed was being poured, over 18 months ago, they were also trying to find a contractor for concrete form liners design. We spent that first night in this guest room.

Today was Maygen’s 5th Birthday. We bought her an embroided dressing gown with her name on it. From others she recieved lots of clothes and toys.

We spent a full day today introducing the family to the Wii, moving rubbish and reusable items to the back of the property, entertaining kids, playing SingStar, standing around a campfire while dinner cooked in the ground and now the adults are playing cards while the kids are sleeping.

There are six adults already playing so for the night I was an honorary kid.

Tonights dinner was an awesome bushfire meal, the roast and vegies were put in a big earthenware pot and placed into the ground surrounded by hot coals and fire. It tasted awesome, the meat was soft and moist.

Today I’ve taken over 350 photos, most of which are throw aways, but I reckon there are a few keepers.

Tomorrow I’m off to my sister Jennifer’s to catch up with my family, who I haven’t seen in person for over almost a full year. I’m sure Alek, our nephew, has grown a heap in this short period of time.

Jeepers I’m tired, might upload a couple of photos and hit the hay… tonight we are being shuffled off into the study on a camp matress, David’s parents preferring the guest room / shed.

It’s been great to catch up with everyone… look forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow.

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