We Won the Lotto!

Australian MoneyUnfortunetly not enought to get all my plans off the ground, but $29.95 will at least pay for our next entry; and that of the other 375,842 people who won the same amount.

3 people are sharing the prize pool of 22 million, damn shame I’m not one of them, but I’m grateful for my win.

Costing 19.80 to put on, I’m in front so far. Will win a big one soon.

I, of course, had the $22 million spent;

  • 10 houses to be rented out for continued income,
  • Fix up the family, few houses bought, cars, what ever they felt they need,
  • World trip for David, me and the team I work with we’d hit Europe, visit Roberta in Italy, organise for Craig who is in the US to come one over and join us there,
  • On our return to Australia we’d buy a factory space and create a work area where we could all work on our own projects. Above the work area will be a floating platform which will be where David and I live,
  • Buy more homes with the left over money and live quite happily off the proceeds.

But $29.95 isn’t gonna go quite far enough… but it’s a start.


  1. Stop winning! I’m doing 2 jobs at the moment, I read your blog once a month (if I’m lucky) and every time you’re talking about some prize. Is it fair?

    BTW: you’re still on the reading assignments of my classes. Let me know if any student is brave enough to leave a comment.

  2. I gotta say I really want to go to Europe… it amazes me. And yeah we were gonna send for you (had we won). And we would have made it back to the states eventually.

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