Things I’m Hating

  • Big Brother Australia

    Their idea of giving an animatronic baby to a woman who had her baby die a few hours after birth under two years ago was just too much. Channel 10 and the show’s producers have advised they were fully aware of Kates loss before they decided to put the challenge to the housemates! Disgusting. Worse still is some of the reaction from the public who feel that Kate knew what she was getting herself into by going on the show in the first place! Bullshit that she should expect them to be so digustingly cruel.

    There has been some speculation that Big Brother pulled this stunt as this season is seeing them receive some of their lowest ever ratings, and this was to be a puller for the show. The fact that their ratings dropped by almost 300,000 viewers the night after the event makes me a little happy.

    An avid Big Brother fan for the past six seasons (much to the disgust of my friends) I can’t leap this hurdle and continue to watch after what they have done. Good luck Big Brother that was the last episode I will watch and, hopefully, this will be your last year for sure.

  • Current Affairs shows

    Next week the big story that “A Current Affair” is going to be bringing us is about how the photos you see of food on fast food restaurant menues isn’t an accurate representation of the food. How it is manipulated with lighting, air brushing and Photoshop before it is put on the menu.

    I mean well, duh! Like we don’t all know that. There are very, very, very few photos of any kind in any publication or on public display anywhere in the world that hasn’t seen some form of manipulation. Give me a break, it is not news and it certainly isn’t current. What it is? Pathetic sensationalist reporting.

  • Governments who think they need to control by fear

    I saw Rosie O’donnell’s rant on The View (via YouTube) about how words like “Terrorist”, “Axis of evil”, “Cell” and other such scary words are used to create shadow like creatures for us to fear. Not very often do these things have a face and when the do, we kill it and start creating new scary things to be afraid of.

    I don’t think it is a mistake that Osama Bin Laden is still running around out there somewhere. He is an individual who according to the propaganda is capable of destroying democracy single handedly. Why would anyone want to kill the boogeyman if he keeps all the kids in bed with their knees curled to their chest in fear? All the easier to ensure they don’t step out of line if they think he truly exists!

I’m sure there are a few other things I’m hating at the moment… but these three should be enough for now :P


  1. I heard on the radio the other day that the big “current affairs” story was about how barcode scanners might be getting it wrong! You could be charged more!!!
    (of course, it’s statistically just as likely you’d be charged less in a mishap like that)

    Sensationalist crap that sells ads. Appeal to the lowest common denominator…. people who are stupid and gullible enough to believe that kind of reporting, and thus stupid and gullible enough to buy the stuff that’s advertised in the breaks :-)

  2. Big Brother – Whilst I agree the baby stunt is in very poor taste, Big Brother has been at it 7 years now and Kate had to know anything goes. No one could possibly go on that show now and expect to leave with any sort of dignity attached.

    A Current Affair – The whole current affairs genre is so crap. Usually the stories are one bagging out the other or bagging out oppositions shows, or is just one large advertising stunt! Give them a miss.

    Governments – You are right about Osama Bin Laden. If he were to be captured or died, there would be no one to point at to show how scary life is. He has been made the face of terrorism and without him, there is nothing for governments to justify most of the shot they do with.

  3. Hey Gus, I agree whole heartedly.

    Jillbri, I get the whole anything goes attitude of Big Brother… but playing on the loss of a baby goes way beyond that. It was a slap in the face to EVERY person who has ever lost a baby or has the basic respect for human life. Their actions were deplorable and unforgivable.

  4. I fully agree and don’t think viewers should have been subjected to it but don’t have alot of sympathy for participants.

  5. man- amen on all three.
    i loathe big brother. i have watched maybe a total of 15 minutes of it in 7 years. that is enough.
    “current affairs” shows are pathetic- ever watched frontline?
    the bush government is right of the book or revelation; antichrist styles… {i might be a bit over the top there…}

    anyway, once again man- i give u a hearty amen.

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