The PS3 has arrived

PS3 ConsoleOur first prize from the Pepsi competition is here!

Awww it looks so pretty sitting on the shelf here at home. Having seen, while in Sydney, the original PS2 that we gave to Jody and Greg a few years back, I was reminded just how big the first edition of the PS2 was. Releasing the Slimline PS2 made us all think that consoles were just going to keep getting smaller and smaller… but no.

With the release of the PS3 and XBOX 360 I think we are seeing the rise of the big-assed console.

But do we have a dud? The PS3 is being viewed by the Industry as a flop. One that might just sink Sony. Having watch a Blu-Ray disc I hope not, the quality is just too nice. Now they just have to work on the price-point of the discs… at $40+ these are too expensive for what, at the moment, is a lot of old content.

The PS3 is a beaut. We have no games for it yet. But have purchased Dreamgirls today. It looks and sounds great.

Our two laptops (also from the Pepsi competition) should arrive next week sometime.

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  1. Even if the PS3 is a flop, yours was free! Aside from the expenditure on Pepsi, but that’s nothing out of the realm of normality for you.


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