The Life of a N95 Battery

This was going to be a posting about my annoyance with very short battery life of the N95 mobile phone from Nokia, but it all appears finne now.

Late Wednesday night I performed an upgrade to the software on my phone, bringing it up to version 11.0.026. Not exactly sure what the upgrade was specifically for (David found it on the Nokia site) however the menus appear faster and it is now Friday morning, 6.13am and I still have six out of seven bars of power.

The factors behind this new-found battery life may be any of the following;

  • Decreased use now that I am used to the functions of the phone,
  • Decreased use of the GPS system, though I have been using it to plot “landmarks” (a landmark is any position on the map you choose to save),
  • The new software update, or
  • Cumulative charge of the phone battery over the past six days.

As there was no scientific method behind my use of the phone I can’t say for sure, I can however say that the battery appears to be lasting a heck of a lot longer than it was previously.

Also, in other N95 news, I’ve added the Jaiku client to my phone. Damn thing keeps trying to connect to the internet everytime I unlock the keypad.

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