“The Hamiltons” sucks real bad

The Hamiltons 2006

The Hamiltons 2006

If you want a movie which reeks of bad acting acting and a bad storyline, The Hamiltons is for you.

You have the gay older brother who is sleeping with then killing guys, the incestious twins who kill together and then make out, the younger brother who doesn’t want to be like them and the mysterious “Lenny” who lives in the basement and has an appetite for blood.

The movie is disturbing at best and a complete waste of time… please save yourself the trouble… I’ve seen student films that are a million times better than this.

I guess they are some type of vampire, I’m 1 hr and 15 mins in and I’m still not sure, oh wait, now I know they are… but what the hell “Lenny”, oh there you go, he’s a little boy.

With my recent film choices of late I’m growing dispondant and worry that I may not be able to pick a good movie again. Penny Dreadful, which we watched a while back, was in a word Dreadful!

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