Scissors Kicks Ass… Again

Rock Paper Scissors - Drawing by Damian Willcox of Dorkboy ComicsToday is the last day for hourly draws in the Pepsi competition, I had 10 labels sitting round the house and decided to chuck them through… got the SMS back that reads: “CONGRATS! SUBJECT 2 VERIFICATION U’VE WON A PRIZE IN A ROCK PAPER SCISSORS DRAW. U’LL B CALLED WITHIN 72HRS 2 GET UR DETAILS & PRIZE CHOICE SO WAIT 4 THE CALL”.

I’m feeling real lucky now… that’s four wins out of about six times entering. For future reference I reckon 5-6 am is the magic hour and SMS is the way to go (though one of our wins was via entries on the website).

What to choose now? We have the PlayStation, two laptops on the way… think I’ll go for the cash this time round.

Thanks Pepsi.

Maybe I should get an entry in this weekends 22 Million Dollar lottery draw. Life would be so, so sweet when we win that puppy.

Picture above found via Google Image Search, Comic by Dorkboy Comics – Damian Willcox – Check out his site for more great comics.


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