RPS Champions

RPS WinnerBetween David and I we are Rock / Paper / Scissors champions… having both now beat Pepsi.

Now I have to choose what prize I want… first instinct is to grab another PS3 + PSP combo, but I’m thinking maybe the laptop. It is the more expensive item in the prize pool. I probably wouldn’t really play with a PSP that often so I might forego that and get the lappy.

SWEET – A little excited at the moment… I’ve entered MANY times over the years into Pepsi competitions and have surely drunk almost as much Pepsi as I have water in my life.

I had to SMS the entries as for the past two days their site doesn’t seem to have been working properly (it kept beating me regardless of what I played), but I’m sure I’ve made the SMS money back.

Sorry for gloating, but YAY for me!

I also have entries in for this hour (6 – 7 Thursday 10/05/07) so who knows, maybe I can win again!


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