MySpace, How Queen Victoria of You

My Space Profile, no longer for the gays.Maybe they have their fill of the gays on MySpace, cause guess what? You can’t choose it on your profile anymore. Sad I know… gays don’t exist but swinging lesbians roam free.

Someone wrote that the gay option only shows up if you choose male and lesbian if you choose female. Well two things to that. One I ddefinitely have “male” checked and two, some lesbians prefer the term “gay”. What are those crazy minions of Murdoch up to?

Jeez Louise, I can be “bi” but that would be lying cause I’ve never ever gone THAT way. Let us hope it’s a temprary problem they will fix up soon.

First seen on Towleroad who saw it on QueerClick.


  1. Hey R*yan… seems like if you have already selected the gay option then it’s there, but I hadn’t and as you can see, it’s not there for me. I made the screenshot above.

    Dunno what is happening with it… kind of a silly mistake.

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