Italy or Bust for “Blood Dolls”

And so it’s off on it’s way to Italy, Roberta I’m sorry for sending the DVD to you but you never know, you may find it interesting.

It only cost $11.45 to send a package all the way to the other side of the world.

In case you want to check it out before it arrives see Blood Dolls on IMDB.

The idea with this movie is to watch it, but your name inside the cover then send it on to someone else somewhere else in the world.



  1. Yay, and I hope you don’t hate me for it.

    But you got out cheaply at $11.45, I had to buy a return flight from Seattle to Melbourne to get it to you. ;)

  2. Okay… so I started this by giving Craig and Mark a DVD I could not get the trash man to take away. I decided since they were new to the states, I would lie and say it’s a ‘tradition’ and have them forward this horrible movie onto an un-suspecting couple to watch and continue this tacky yet fun Masquerade.

    I only ask it does not come back to me….or I’ll send off another to replace it ;)

  3. Craig, thanks for bringing it all the way over here, it was worth it to see you guys again.

    Rich, consider the “tradition” continued. It’s up to Roberta now to see where it goes.

  4. Jamie… It was very cool to see you guys. As for Rich, he’s already tried to give us another “dodgy” movie.

    He’s evil. He ever tried the “you touched it, now it’s yours” card. That was until I hit him with it instantaneously letting go as it touched him, and followed it with a “now you’ve touched it last” and an evil laugh before running out the door.

    Fortunately I’m quite skilled in “evil” myself. ;)

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