Is This the Face of the Master?

Is this the face of the masterJust finished watching the latest Doctor Who: The Lazarus Experiment and as always it has been an excellent episode. Martha’s family have met the Doctor and Martha’s mum has heard a whisper from a strange man who says he knows all about the Doctor.

It’s not really a spoiler when it is pure speculation so I’ll just say it… I reckon this guy is the Master (in the guise of Harold Saxon) and I reckon we’ll see him again before this season is out.

No new Doctor Who now for two-weeks (damn Eurovision Song Contest)… what are these Brits doing to us, making us wait?

It appears in the next episode the Doctor comes across a group of people who know what a Timelord is, and they need one to perform some task. Appearances would leave one to believe that the Doctor goes a little crazy by what they do… Captain Jack makes a come back so it will be a great show for sure.


  1. LA LA LA LA!

    You need to put a spoiler alert in!!!!

    I got part way through the first sentence, realised what it was and quickly left.

    Sheesh Jamie! ;)

  2. Now way… as I said it can’t be a spoiler if it is pure speculation… I don’t KNOW that it’s the Master… I just reckon it is… speakin out my arse I am!

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