Hellbent: A Slasher Movie

Hellbent Cover

Are you a fan of horror, enjoy the odd slasher flick? Well then Hellbent may be for you!

If, however, you like your slasher movies to have some sense of direction, if you like your killer to have a name, a motive or an actual agenda, you may like to look for something else.

Hellbent was good enough I suppose, I watched it all the way through… but then I liked the eye-candy, even if, at times, their heads were removed from their bodies.

The problem with the film for me, was you may have worked out from above, is that the movie had no real direction. Even in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” we knew what Freddie’s motivation to kill was, he was punishing the parents who burnt him alive. Notice he has a name too the killer in Hellbent has no name and the actor is uncredited!

In Hellbent, our killer lops off the heads of a couple guys making out in a car takes the heads, leaves the bodies. Then our four main characters walk into the woods where the first two were killed, have a meeting with the killer who then spends the rest of the movie hunting them down.

We never find out who he is, why he kills, why he keeps the heads (which make a return later in the film), even the make out scenes were a little light-on… too many whys remain at the end of the film for me. But at least the vision was good!

I received Hellbent via Quickflix here in Australia, it is also available at the local video store here in Point Cook… gotta say it’s nice to see the gay-themed movies coming into the suburbs.

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