End of an Era

David is leaving Optus… after just under 10 years he is moving away from the company he has given so much to.

David started with Optus in 1997 as a telephone representative for the then burgeoning pre-paid mobile phone service. He was the creator of procedures that the team used and set-up the Intranet pages to allow the CSRs to access the information.

Going on to become an EHB (electronic handbook) document producer, David showed himself to be in full command of his technical skills relating to all things “Web” and from those early days has grown to be come one of the most proficient Web Developers Optus has ever seen.

Not always happy with the structure or working arrangements of the Optus e-solutions team, David moved to another department for a time, but returned to e-solutions where he has created some very sophisticated systems that underpin the workings of customer service for the consumer division of Optus.

In continual flux, as most companies are, Optus has up-sized and down-sized over the years, David has seen the many changing faces of Optus; from their ownership by AT&T and Cable and Wireless UK, to the sole ownership by Cable and Wireless, the public float and creation of Cable and Wireless Optus to its eventual re-privatisation under the control of the Singapore Government in the form of Singtel Optus.

There are many things David will miss about Optus, but he has a new adventure in front of him with a new employer Geoff Slattery Publishing. An adventure he is sure to enjoy.

Good luck little one only 10 working days to go!


  1. That’s awesome news, give the boy a big hug, and smooch (and then make him give you one back) and wish him congratulations from me :)

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