Awww I’ve Got a New Baby

Yay, look at my new toy… I mean “work machine”. It’s not quite the 17 in. I had planned on, but she’s awesome and the screen resolution is the same as my old 17 so I really have the same screen real estate, everything is just a little smaller, which is fine cause I got me some good eyes for seeing and stuff.

So much faster than my super-powerful G5 Tower that has served me well for the past few years. Everything is installed, all my settings have been configured, she’s ready to go… go… go…

At work today I’ll be trying to convince the IT department that they should let me use her as my work computer, as well as my home computer… well I don’t need their permission to use it as my home computer, you know what I mean.

Me using my lappy at work means I can pass my computer over to Sara who is currently using a very old quicksilver, which is not quite so “quick” these days.

So she’s here (I’m typing on her now) and so back into the swing of using a laptop keyboard, even though I now have a wireless keyboard and cordless mighty mouse.

Oh dang… forgot, I still have to install MySQL and PHP for development… gotta run.

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