When You’re a Kid… the World is a Small Place

Boy at Window“i was born to fight !———————————- when i was a little kid i thought the world was all i could see. i was surrounded by a lot of anger, fear , war , death…”

The above text was taken from the MySpace of FIROUZ and it struck a chord and made me think about our world.

While I sat down this morning in front of my big-screen tv, turning on my MediaCenter PC in hope of watching the latest Lost episode downloaded via BitTorrent all the while wondering what I was going to have for breakfast, I never considered what was going on in the rest of the world.

Humans are very insular creatures by nature… and there is no reason to expect we should be any different. But why we like to think we are kings of our domain, in a way we are not… what’s that saying “no man is an island”?

Firouz’s words got me thinking because I take too much for granted. I know I’m safe and assured of a good life here in suburban Victoria, Australia, but there are places in the world where, as Firouz writes, children are born to fight.

When your world is nothing other than war, famine, disease and poverty… when it is a place which has no access to mass-media and no way for the child to know no any other life, how can there ever be another life? And if no one tells them any different and no one introduces them to new ways of thinking, they grow and repeat the cycle. And, I guess, that’s the way we like it.

We complain about the refugees who seek a new life in our countries, we complain about the immigration of people who are seeking a new and better life. I think we fear that in providing them with a better life we need to give up something from our own. I suppose, sure, if we let everyone who wants to come to the “good country” in then there will be less to go around, but will that be such a bad thing?

The world needs to become a whole lot larger for each and every one of us. We need to embrace the bigger picture. I hope I live long enough to see the development of a world government replacing the current situation we have.

It is wrong that a government, who thinks it has the most power, wields their perceived power to keep other countries down. They declare themselves the leaders of the “free world” and yet they stifle the development of the real world. Their people put their heads in the sand and often know nothing of what’s happening beyond their borders. Worst of all a lot don’t understand that many of the problems of the world are facilitated by their own government.

People are very open to propaganda, it works so well and the human conditions is so primed for exploitation. We want to be told that everything is okay and that our lives are safe. But we’re open to being told that the rest of the world has gone to crap and that we are helping to put it right.

I’m guilty of complacency, of sitting back and thinking that the world is fine but all the time really knowing that there are people all over the place who are a lot worse off than I. I’ve often spoken the line “it’s not like I can do anything to help them”, but you know what I realise these days… I can, but I choose not to. In attempting to help I’d have to give up something of my life. Be it time, wealth or creature comforts.

For the past year and a half I’ve been doing volunteer work for a community service in the gay and lesbian community. A few months back, after many, many calls from people who should be able to help themselves I became jaded and stopped going.

Last night I started again and scary as it sounds, I’m no less jaded. But it’s been an easy way out. Give up two hours every couple of weeks to talk to people who constantly call about the same thing and believe I am doing a service for the greater good. And it is a good service.

The callers are confused, they are scared of their lives. I hear it when they talk, I hear it between their words. I feel for them, their worlds have been small for such a long time. They have been told for far too long that who they are isn’t right and they have believed it and can no longer reconcile who they are against who they have told they should be.

Think for yourselves and think about others, but don’t think FOR others. Don’t ever tell them who they should be, what they should be or where they should be. Support your fellow humans in all of their endeavours which are beneficial to themselves and others. Decry their actions if they would mean harm.

And occasionally, just occasionally dip into the lives of someone less fortunate. Make them smile and then get the hell out of their way while they shine.


  1. hmmm.. please don’t make me think that much.. it hurts.. :o)

    Good thoughts… whilst we are in the lucky country go make a trip to the free clinic and get your health checked out..

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