What a Day!

Saturday Morning

This is how my day started. Relaxing on the Hammock, which until now we have been a little hesitant to try out. Here I was, thinking about what we could do with our backyard during this horrible, horrible drought.

I mean out backyard is a mess, a dirt wasteland where not even tumble weeds dare to pass. The only thing growing out there are damn stinging nettles and ouch they hurt.

So anyway David was talking earlier in the week about getting a grey water hose to attach to the washing machine, to pass the waste water out to the yard to give it some water that would otherwise go down the drain. Great idea I think.

Off to Bunnings (do you miss it Craig? Or are you satiated by Home Depot?) to get the hose. We’re not cashed up at the moment so we thought this would make a nice little project.

While at Bunnings we had a look around, as you do, and we were thinking about how the ground is actually quite aqauphobic at the moment, so we also picked up some wetting granules.

We came back and spread the granules, attached the hose and everything was apples. We watched the rinse cycle and seeing everything going fine we left the machine to itself to finish the process… BIG MISTAKE.

During the spin cycle the outlet hose came loose from the grey water hose… the result was a pool of water all the way to the entry way of the house and also out through the garage.

PANIC STATIONS… we sopped as much of the water as we could. We pulled up part of the carpet and put the big fan on it to air it out.

David was convinced it would leave a stain, so we went out and hired a Britex carpet cleaner to suck up the rest of the water and give the carpets a once over.

While out we went back to bunnings and picked up another grey water hose, to extend the length so it would cover the entire yard. And we also bought some zip cable ties, we used the cable ties to attach the grey water hose to part of the fence, keeping it high so it would run all the way to the yard. Oh and we also got a 4-metre hose for the washing machine, so we could move it closer to the back door.

This all works well and now the dogs bed is further in the laundry under the dryer.

We thought it was all going well until we noticed there was still water coming from somewhere… it appears that the outlet hose had a small nick in it… could this day get any sillier?

Off to Coles for some stuff for dinner AND some sealant for the hose, we also grabbed some Duck Tape to assist the Sealant with its task.

So here I am 8.30 at night, we have another load of washing to go but finally the system is all set up well and working. David is still a little hesitant about leaving it alone to do a load but two loads down and no more water anywhere.

Tomorrow we’re off to Daylesford to help the Girls (Mel and Linda) pack up a space they have rented there and to move their sewing equipment back to their home here in Point Cook. Another long day as Daylesford is an easy 1.5 hour drive each way. At least the scenery is nice.

I’ll take my camera and time permitting hope to get a few nice shots of the place.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’m off to watch a movie and have some dinner. :D


  1. ROFL, yes I guess I did. And I don’t mind it so much either. But don’t you find your compelled to look around and see what other great things are there? And you end up walking out spending more than you planned to?

  2. I miss Bunnings like you wouldn’t believe. Home Depot and Lowes here DO NOT compare.

    Hope the carpet is sorted, if I’d been local I could have helped, and summoned up all my old Brown Gouge experience. ;)

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