So Not Fair (But Good Enough)

Pepsi Rock Paper SissorsTo say I drink too much Pepsi would be an understatment. To say I spend a lot of time entering their cometitions (when they have a good one) is also an understatement… but do I ever win?

I suppose in a round-about way I have this time round. In a frenzy to get some entries in I gave a handful to David who entered them in his name and having always been the lucky of the two, did what he does best… he won!

So we will very shortly be the proud owners of a PSP and a PlayStation 3… hip-hip-hooray!

David just read the title and told me it is fair… that I won HIM. LOL

Update: 13:37 – Sheesh if I have to listen to David calling it his playstation!!! LOL


  1. you won both??? what the? Now what you should do is turn around and sue them for making you drink all that pepsi.

    Alek asked me the other day “how would you feel about me having a PSP” I replied.. I’m not buying one. It appears he is trying to get one out of one of the uncles over here that rarely uses it so he thinks he should give it to him.

  2. Yeah we won both, they came together as the prize… sorry David won both :P

    Alek is so funny… checking with you before he weasles one from his uncles.

    We had a look at the stuff available for them today, there isn’t much out there for the PSP. And the PS3 should have launched with a lot more titles than they have if they want to pick up market share.

  3. Free is the only way we were going to get one… given we will only use it as a Blu-ray player and for SingStar it was not a justifiable cost. But Free we can most certainly do :P

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