Singing Success

Singing Dancing BoyI woke for a dream, feeling blissful and more awake than I have for a long time.

Being in a crowd at a concert has always been an event that sends me a little berko, I guess it’s the combined energy of all those people around me… screaming for those on stage as they do what they do.

In my dream I was attending a Britney Spears concert (sure I’d go to see her). Halfway during the concert she was breaking into a duet and a spotlight started roving the crowd, and stopped on me… and um… I had a microphone in my hand and broke into song.

It was amazing. And certainly something I would love to have happen. ROFL. There’s a revelation for you. Not only am I a Britney Spears fan (yes even still now after her “thing”, though have to admit that I don’t much like her older stuff any more) but I am also a hairbrush singer.

But there is more… Britters like me so much she wanted to take me on the rest of her tour. Then it got a little weird… cause Britney became Deborah Gibson (on of my true idols – scared yet?). More excited than a five-year-old on Christmas Eve I woke… far too amazed by the prospect of singing with THE Debbie Gibson.

And as you do, I got to thinking. Britney, while often referred to as a new Madonna etc, is really the new Debbie Gibson. She has her Tiffany-type nemesis in Christina Aguilera and they are often pitted against each other, just as Debbie and Tiffany were.

Truth be told… P!nk is the new Madonna, long live the new queen of pop. P!ink after all is the one who is controversial, a real performer, but not a really, really great voice. I love her and all of her albums (just like Madge).

Because my mind is still addled by my dream, so is this blog post. :P

And while the revelations are flowing, of course this is no surprise to those who know me, I used to perform at a kids performing arts group. And once performed Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like the Wind” in a talent show.

The greatest compliment I had was after the performance when a guy, who would have been a couple of years older than me, came up to me and told me how much he liked it… scary.

I guess it really was, deep down, something I always wanted to do for a living. I took singing lessons; both contemporary and classical, Dancing lessons; Jazz, Ballet and Tap but somewhere along the way it all fell by the way-side.

So there you go, for most of you, more than you ever wanted to know about me.

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