Have You Met Miss Jones?

Doctor Who with Martha and the space rhino

Sweet, the Doctor is back in the house! The Doctor’s new companion Martha is awesome. She’s not a scared little girl like Rose was when she first started with the Doctor, Martha is going to be great.

Of course the idea of having a new companion for the Doctor was a little alarming, as much as I thought Rose was a bit of a try-hard at first, I came to love her as a character and shed just the tiniest tear when she met her “demise” at the end of season 2. So it was with some trepidation that I approached season 3 and the idea of a new companion.

Won’t go into it too much as I’m sure not that many people have seen it yet (well those of us outside of the UK) but have to mention the space rhinos were awesome too. Can’t wait for each and every episode to come.

Welcome back Doctor.

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  1. It was a great new episode, well worth to stay home on Saturday night!
    I live outside the UK but BBC 1+2 are normal TV stations here in the Netherlands, same goes for BBC 3, 4 & 24 on selected kabel networks.

  2. You lucky guy… I have to BT it and wait for it to download… or wait until the ABC decides to play it some time much later this year or next (thank goodness for BitTorrent).

  3. No fair! Damn Americans, it takes forever for the good UK Sci-Fi shows to arrive here. The only perk is that the Internet is faster, so I can at least download it.

    Jamie, meet Peter, Peter meet Jamie ;)

    Heroes is back on soon! That’s another perk of being here. American Idol however… definitely not a perk. Eeek.

  4. I just this morning watched the first ep of Brothers & Sisters… dunno what I think of it yet, suppose I’ll give it a little time before I decide. It has been on TV here but I’m behind now so spose I’ll just BT it.

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