Gratz Lil’ Sis

My little sister has been given the all clear by her over-priced heart specialist. She’s showing no indication of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. My older brother does, but his attempts to get any real information seem to hinge on going to a specialist clinic, referred to by a specialist… go figure. One doctor passes you up the tree to the next and you have to pay every step of the way. Ouch it’s expensive being sick.

Guess it’s my turn to go get tested. Just Greg and I to go.

It cost Jennifer (my sister) something like $800 bucks (I’m sure she’ll correct me in the comments) to get tested… who has a spare $800 just to be told a. Nothing’s wrong thanks for the money or b. Some thing’s wrong but now you have to go see another doctor to find out more about it.

One of the meds prescribed for Brian was to slow his heart rate… with my exercise and dietary habits as they are, there is no way I would want to take something that would slow my metabolic rate any more than it is thanks. Brian has decided not to get any of his medication, until he sees the doctors at the specialist clinic in Sydney. Wise decision I think.

Good luck with your further testing. Fingers crossed mine (when I finally get it done) comes back clean. Damn genetics.


  1. I just figure that if my first specialist was confident in his diagnosis, he wouldn’t have sent me to another specialist so why would I take the medication he prescribed?

  2. Howdy! Yeah it was about that much. There is a free heart clinic.. I think it’s similar or the same as what Dad ended up going to. Can’t find the details at the moment. Bugger!

    Sadly, I think a specialist may feel like they have done their job when they give you a prescription.

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