Early Riser

So anyway, awake at 4am this morning having just had a dream where I was about to be made redundant from work. Cause no one gets fired any more.

In this dream a manager-type (someone I’ve not seen before) was commenting on my work at my current place of employment and was saying all kinds of stupid things. For some reason this meeting was taking place with several other people around.

Each time the manager would make a comment about anything, two or three people would comment that he was mad and that I was doing a great job. But the manager wouldn’t be swayed from his course.

So knowing what was coming I forced myself to wake up and not complete the dream. Fully intending on rolling over and going back to sleep, but it was not to be so here I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Well perhaps bleary-eyed and boofy-haired.

In other news, I woke to a message via Flickr from someone representing a greeting card company. They are asking about licensing one of my photos of Bungee for use on a card. How exciting. of course I’m going ask for more information on that one. V.cool way to start the day.


  1. i find plenty of inspiration at four in the morning. maybe it’s that whole half-awake, half-asleep thing.

    anyway, how did the greeting card proposition go?

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