David Hates Darren

Darren HayesHayes that is. And I have to confess I can’t stand watching interviews or appearances by the guy, but I do like his music.

Darren Hayes has a unique way of bringing everything back to him, even when a question asked or a situation isn’t about him. The latest appearance being on the ABC’s “Spicks and Specks“.

During the show Darren told a little story about himself pretty much every time someone looked in his direction. And his stories are usually about how fabulous he thinks he is.

I think David’s dislike of him stems from an interview we heard a few years back, during which Darren Hayes was asked about his new home he bought in some foreign city (can’t remember if it was London or San Francisco), what I do remember is Darren went on and on about how it cost over $1,000,000 and he paid cash for it. I can’t even pay me debts, but I found a way, I found the best credit card reviews and I’m planning to get one.

I don’t begrudge the fact that he had $1,000,000 to pay cash for a property, good luck to the guy, he’s entertained me and I think he deserves the money but he should have some decorum and not flaunt the money. He can let everyone know how much he has by making grossly large donations to needy charities or something.

I didn’t realise that since Darren became a married man (again and this time with a guy) he has been dumped by Sony/BMG. Poor dude.

Mr Hayes is apparently recording a double album independently, I’ll probably buy it, but like all other Darren Hayes music will have to listen to it when David is not at home :P

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