CS3 My First Look

Adobe CS 3 Having had Adobe CS3 for a very short period of time (just the last 20 minutes), these are just my first impressions. And hey, don’t they say, first impressions count.

To start off with, let’s take a look at the icons. When I first saw that they moved away from the beautiful stylized icons of the past I thought they were mad. I thought these new logos were too simple and a little bland… but now seeing them all laid out in my Dock, I’m thinking, they look sweet!

Photoshop and the other native Adobe products appear to have had complete overhaul as far as interface is concerned. The tools are all still there but their layout allows for much more screen space being dedicated to the placement of your working file. There is also a new “Tool Presets” pane. A bunch of people will be like, “There has always been tool presets”, yes but now, I don’t have to select the crop tool, then choose my preset. Now I just go to one pallete and choose the crop tool with the preset, I can then jump straight to a preset for any other tool from the same pallete. It will increse productivity quite extensively.

Other Photoshop improvements I’m keen to check out include its ability to handle CAD files (helpful in the building industry) and the multi-layer copy (command+shift+c), which has always been there, but the ability to paste that directly into Dreamweaver and to have Dreamweaver call the save to web function.

I haven’t looked at Illustrator yet, but I’ll get there shortly.

The Macromedia products still look much like their former selves. Dreamweaver comes with a tonne of improvements, including the afore mentioned save for web. Other new elements include the Spry items – Widgets, Script Library and Databinding. Apparently promising improved code, which is good because previous code that was created by Dreamweaver was bloated.

David is watching some of the videos about Photoshop CS3 and it sounds like I still have a HUGE deal to see in the program, including Non-destructive filters and the AMAZING Auto-select tool that I just had a play with.

Alrighty gotta run… much to play with, OMG I’m such a geek… sorry!

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  1. I’ve not used Photoshop in centuries, well not quite, but you know what I mean.
    Hopefully though I should have some rather nifty manuals arriving from Amazon any day now so I can reaquaint myself.

    Life is getting very tedious manipulating images through several programs like Publisher and Hypersnap to achieve what I could probably do in PhotoShop.

    Don’t be surprised if you start getting phonecalls from Seattle where I’m begging for help. ;)

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