Chasing Phantoms

Ever had a couple of days at work, where all you want to do is walk away? Welcome to my last two days.

Yesterday I spent the day changing a TV ad that is going to air today. I had to modify the ad because at 9 am it was decided that a house that was previously three bedrooms plus study would become a four-bedroom home. So into Final Cut Pro I go, make amendments to the ad. Export it for TV, submit it via DubSat for delivery to the stations, contact Free TV and organise classification approval.

Did I mention that yesterday morning was the first time I have ever used Final Cut Pro? Thankfully Sara had installed it on her computer. Did I also mention that I’m not the TVC producer n0r have I ever exported any video for use on a standard TV. Daniel does that stuff and he’s a damn site better at it than I, luckily for him he’s having a couple of days off.

The three remaining marketing members banded together to get the ad out. So yesterday was spent learning Final Cut, something that has nothing to do with my job as Web Developer. But we got it done and I see it now on Channel 9 looking good… bluffed our way through that one.

Today I get in to find an URGENT email saying information about one of our homes on the “web” was wrong. At work “web” is used as a generic term, no one thinks that it may be more helpful to say if the problem is on the Internet site or the Intranet site, just the web and you can spend time figuring it out.

So I spent time, too much time, but couldn’t find the problem. The email was sent from my boss at 6.06 pm last night. It wasn’t until later that it was brought to my attention that the email was sent to him 8 days prior… 8 days prior the issue was urgent, 8 days prior the team dealt with the issue. Me, acting only on the matter of urgency, investigated an issue that didn’t exist. And 8 days prior it was an issue because another of those meetings had taken place and a quick descision to change the product line was made.

To say that I was annoyed that I had wasted my time would be an understatement. It is becoming far too much the norm. If a rational mind hadn’t been present to talk me down I may we have quit there an then.

I once passed on a job at a web design company when during the interview, which was cut short because the person interviewing me had forgotten he scheduled an meeting with the big wigs at Toyota, advised me that the company works in a state of ordered chaos. It appears this is now the method being employed by my current employers.

There is no order in chaos people! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

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