Cafe Blues

We have been going to our local café, the Waterstone Café, for about two years now. Going for breakfast on weekends, the occasional lunch and of late the occasional dinner on Friday.

Recently the Café has changed hands and the new owner Lina is a lovely lady but…

The last time we took people there for dinner they had no wine (sparkling or flat) that was on their wine list. Our dinners were served over 15 minutes apart which left ours cold even though our friends insisted we start eating.

Two times prior to this we had been for breakfast and my drink (a simple order of mineral water) never arrived. Once David was given the wrong type of omelette, containing mushrooms something he never eats.

Even once when we went there for cake and coffee with Mel and Linda only two orders of cake came, the cake the girls ordered hadn’t arrive after 20 minutes and Linda (who works there part time) had to ask what was going on. The waiter went away to find out where the cake was, but nether he or the cake returned and Linda had to ask again before the rest of the order arrived.

Today was the last straw for us. We went for breakfast again. I ordered the Waterstone Breakfast, David his usual Omlette (with Ham, Capsicum, Tomato etc). Today I ordered a Coke Zero, David a latte.

What we got was a Waterstone Breakfast, without the Bacon. An omelette, without the ham or cheese. A Diet Coke, not a Coke Zero. Three errors in a single order is about three errors too many. I received my bacon after asking for it. Drank the Diet Coke without complaint. David didn’t bother complaining about his omelette, feeling that having complained on each other occasion has not resulted in change.

So we’re done with them. They can’t have any more of our money… guess we’ll be trekking back to Williamstown and La Dolce Vita for our weekend breakfast again. I checked out some spotting scope reviews, we are going to get a new scope for our rifle and bring it with us. I hate it when a good thing goes bad.


  1. Awww that sucks. I hate it when a favourite location changes for the worse.
    Good change I can live with, bad, I cannot.

    La Dolce Vita? Sounds like great names for dogs ;)

  2. Sucks! You could have visited cafe on King Georges this morning. There was a rather large selection of chocolate available. Still is so if you leave now you might just make it in time for breakfast tomorrow!

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