Ahh Not Always Easy

This Internet thing is not always easy. For a while now I’ve been subscribed to a guy on YouTube named Scott Monteith from Canada.

Just an average gay guy who gets in front of a camera every now and again to blab on about his life. That is until recently.

His last posting was about him about to go out to celebrate his 24th birthday. Then, just a few days back, two videos from him showed up in my subscription feed, but I didn’t have time to view them. When next I went back to YouTube the videos were gone.

Then there was the posting from Ryan which heavily implies that something has happened to Scott and he has in fact died! See Ryan’s video.

It’s really wierd that I’d feel incredibly concerned for someone I have never met, but there you are… there’s a guy out there somewhere that I know… who may be dead.

And trying to search for any information on the Internet is practically impossible. Seems as though there is another Canadian, named Scott Monteith who has died (last year).

So now I guess I wait and see what happened. I hope what ever it was, it didn’t happen during his birthday celebration.


  1. Hi there, well, according to Scott’s site he died on 11th April. There is a vid on there from his sister and it brought me to sobbing tears for a guy I don’t even really know. Like you, I was searching for answers and came upon your site. I don’t know why, but I feel like I want to know why so I can get some closure – which also seems ridiculous. Anyway, later.

  2. Hi Michael, Thanks for your comments, Strange I know the whole looking for closure thing, but that’s what I was looking for too. Still not sure I’ve found it.

    It’s funny how it works, we watch these people on the other side of the world and invest feelings in them and their lives… when that is suddenly gone because they choose not to post anymore, I feel a bit ripped off, but know it is their choice.

    When something happens, such as death, there is often no way for us to know why someone stopped posting. Thank goodness Scott’s sister seems to understand and was able to offer some answers.

    Human condition is strange.

  3. Well…not sure if you’ve checked out YouTube recently but it turns out Scott is not dead. He in fact faked it because he was getting tired of being hounded to put up more videos. Right… Anyway, at least the guy isn’t dead. I should be grateful for that at least and as for me having to deal with the emotion of thinking he had died, well, that’s the price we pay I guess for investing ourselves in someone.

  4. I’d never heard of this guy until your posting Jamie, so I followed the links.
    He’s amusing, not bad looking, but I think the whole death faking part because “making videos is stressful” is one of the most trite and ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.
    People really shouldn’t mess with the emotions of others.
    But there you go. I never knew him, so wouldn’t have missed him, and now with a brief introduction, am moving on.

    Call me a heartless wench! :)

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