Who knew? He’s a She!

I shoulda known he was too cute to be a he! Turns out Bungee is a girl bunny. Whoops, sorry about that little lady, but not being the best at looking at a rabbits regions I didn’t know for sure.

Of course we suspected, but jeepers neither David nor I have seen anything to compare what we were looking at so how were we to know.

Today, however, I was late for work because I had to drop the little lady off at the Wyndham Vet Clinic to have a little operation to make sure she wouldn’t make any other little bunnies.

It’s not like Bungee has a lot of opportunity to become pregnant, but you know in the event that we ever get another bunny or if a bunny happened to become visiting then we wanted to be sure.

There was also the fact that Rabbits who haven’t been spayed will start to mark their territory and once they start may not stop even if they get de-sexed later in life. Not something I really want from my house-trained rabbit.

So we are now proud owners of a doped-up bunny who is sitting in the corner of her cage. The vet said that she should remain a little dopey for the next few days and that we have to keep an eye on her to ensure she is not trying to pull out her stitches.

We head back to the vet’s on Tuesday night to have her checked up.

Lisa, the vet nurse I spoke with this morning, was wonderful. Addressing all of my concerns and letting me know what the procedure was going to be before taking Bungee away into the back room where needles and knives were waiting.

We also can’t put the air-conditioning on downstairs for a few days as Bungee will be unable to correctly regulate her body temperature, until she returns to her senses.

I’m sure she will be right as rain and hopping around again in no time, but wish her luck and think nice thoughts just the same will ya?


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