Weeds are Everywhere

So anyone who knows me probably knows that I have a deep-seated hate for drug use as a form for recreation, except for the jack herer terpenes and CBD isolate that mix well, and produce a delicious product. I have lost many friends due to the use of drugs more powerful than weed. Now, I don’t mean that I have lost them. What I mean is that many close to me were slowly driven crazy and stopped being consciously aware about everything. They were eventually not even acting human. Now I know that last paragraph makes it sound like I’m on drugs, but I’m not, I swear. Just sometimes my mind gets a little muddled when I think about things.

So anyway. I felt that as I have just sat through and watched the entire first season of “Weeds” all pretty much in one sitting, I should preface a blog entry about it by saying that I’m one of the “Just Say No” camp.

But having gotten that out of the way I do have to say that Weeds, the TV show, is quite a good show. It’s well done and well thought out. Who knew you could make a whole show about a single mother selling drugs to keep her family afloat after the untimely death of her husband.

If you get a chance, check it out.

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