Violence of the Lambs

The Black SheepI was catching up on the trailers on and noticed the trailer for “Black Sheep”. Looks kind of silly. Those New Zealanders love their sheep so much they have apparently started to genetically engineer them, but yoiks the little lambs have the taste for human blood.

The tag line for Black Sheep is “There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand AND they’re pissed off!

Check out the Black Sheep trailer.

The Nanny DiariesAnother good one I noticed this morning, and not just because Chris Evans is in it, “The Nanny Diaries”. It is the first movie I have seen where Scarlett Johansson isn’t cast as the blond of the movie and in fact I think she looks great as a brunette. “The Nanny Diaries” seems like it will be a sweet and funny movie.

Check out The Nanny Diaries trailer.

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