Oil Pulling is Not Nice

What you say is “Oil Pulling”, well it is what I am doing right now! You get between 10 — 15 ml of Seasame or Sunflower oil, but it in your mouth and swish it around and around, strain it through your teeth and chomp down on it for around 15 — 20 minutes.

Yep another natural remedy that cures everything from migraines to lukemia. Can you tell yet that I really don’t like getting migraines?

I have to admit it is nicer tasting that the Apple Cider Vinegar and this I get to spit out when I am finished, HAVE to spit out when I am finished. Apparently it is a method of removing toxins from the body through saliva.

After 10 minutes it is actually starting to taste a little digusting and is in fact becoming quite thin… who knows, maybe it works and only time will tell.

Yay time to spit!

Ok so now I spat, coughed and nearly puked… but I did end up with spitting out a white foamy liquid so it went as planned. Oh and I also thoroughly rinsed.

Now I have to have lots of water and brush my teeth… joy!

To find out more about Oil Pulling visit www.oilpulling.com.

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  1. It’s a bit gross, but worth it if there’s a possibility of getting rid of migraines. I did it yesterday when I got home and just managed 15 minutes.

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