Needful Things

Needful ThingsI’m about halfway through the book “Needful Things”, by Stephen King. It’s the second time reading it, the first being over ten years ago when it was first published.

I don’t often re-read books. I find that once I start, everything comes flooding back and the book is complete in my head less than a quarter of the way in.

Perhaps the long time passed as played havoc with my memory of this particular book, or maybe the storage space in my mind is becoming full, and old unrequired information is starting to fade away, making room for current memory requirements.

I’m enjoying the book all over again… Mr King does a great job, as always, in this book. His ability to mash all of his characters so easily into each others lives is phenominal. I have also found that by going back and re-reading this one, I’ve picked up some cross-over with some of his other books I hadn’t read until after reading Needful Things.

I recommend it to all happy readers. And while Stephen Kings writings have often been classified as “Horror”, very few of his books are what I would consider spine chilling. They are however quite gripping and get you in, hear and soul.

I also just read on his official site, “The Mist” is being made into a movie… sweet. It was a great short story and with any luck will be treated nicely on the big screen.

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  1. I haven’t purchased Lisey’s story yet. But have read most other Stephen Kings. I think my faves are… actually it would be easier to name the onese I didn’t like so much. Gerald’s Game was cool that it had a tie-in with Delores Claireborn, but other than that I didn’t go so much on the story. And “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” was also an alright book, but not, in my opinion, one of his better tales.

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