Is computer science dead?

IT professionals are too good at their jobs and now no one needs
them. Lia Timson looks at the future of CSci.

Dr McBride says the arrival of high-level tools means vastly complex applications for business, science and leisure can be created without the coding, logic or discrete mathematics skills taught at universities.

Of course, the lack of IT students may be a hangover from the tech wreck.

Is computer science dead? – Technology –

Are they crazy? Sure it may make it easier to create the programs “without the coding” but what happens when things go wrong and what the user has created needs to be fixed? Who’s going to come in and fix it for them?

And as for being able to create “complex applications” without logic… they surely are mad. Even with a drag and drop interface logic is required. And they say nothing of the users never ending ability to change their mind and functional specifications. Users are constantly making changes which result in corruption of the dataset, adding elements, removing them, but wanting them again later and wondering where all the data went.

No computer science (which, for the record I never studied) is not dead!

I just have to think of the people I build stuff for everyday to know that. When I imagine what an application would look like, should one of my customers build it as they describe it to me, I tremor just a little.

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