Hey Roberta! You’re Irish.

Strange Ireland

In a strange turn of events it appears that one company has decided to shuffle Europe around, and has left several countries Undefined. For the people of Italy it is great news, now you can all be potato farmers, just want you always wanted to do.

Ahhh another reason why people should thoroughly test their solutions before sending them live, of course their developers may well be pushed to the limit and not allowed the time to do the testing. I know how they feel and in instances such as that, these mistakes do happen.

But in this particular instance it’s not good for a company that sells GPS devices to show the world that it doesn’t actually know where anything is.

Well done Mio… now fix your site!


  1. My dear,
    the phone company decided to cut me out from the internet again. So, if Irishmen will ever invade Italy, I will be here to welcome them.

    Personald ad: Italian, 28 yo, f, is looking for a better nationality. Please post here your offer.

  2. Well Australia is great :P We’re actually a pretty blended culture, have beautiful beaches, but a whole lotta brown countryside at the moment, on a count of the drought.

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