David’s New Toy

Last night David brought home is newest toy… the Delonghi Nespresso EN180 Coffee Machine. He purchased it using gift vouchers that he received from points that were granted to him for the great work he does at Optus.

Also pictured is the Aeroccino. The new automatic milk heater and frother also from Nespresso. The cool thing about the Aeroccino is you just push one button (after filling it with milk) and it does the rest.

He enjoys his coffee and now at least with these fully automatic machines, when I attempt to make him one I won’t burn the coffee or underheat the milk.

It’s even red and matches our red Kitchen Aid mixer. Damn shame I don’t drink coffee.


  1. Red? RED!?? and matches the KitchenAid Mixer? WTF?

    What’s going on? They should all be copper! It’s been ages now.

    Slackers… I bet that can of coppery wish granting goodness has grown dusty since I bestowed it on your lovely husband. ;)

  2. *grin*

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to find sparkly coppery paint in a spray can?

    LOL! I don’t blame him. I mean, after all, I am the same man that has a 25 year old box of Derwent pencils that have never been used. ;)

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