Calling All Would-be Volunteers

Are you the type of person who looks for opportunities to give back to the community? Are you caring? Strong of mind? Believe in the goodness of human*? Oh and are you GLBTI?

Well have I got a job for you! The Gay and Lesbian Switchboard in Victoria is always on the lookout for great volunteers. Join a group that supports the community that supports you!

Volunteer your time as a telephone councillor. Full training is supplied and you’ll have an opportunity provide support to those who need it.

Switchboard is only available during the hours of 6 pm – 10 pm seven days a week, with an additional shift on Wednesday starting from 4 pm. Rosters are self-allocated which means you choose the times that are best for you.

Officially councillors are not supposed to say if they work for Switch or not, and rightly so, I mean they offer completely anonymous phone support, they don’t ask your name, you don’t ask theirs. They offer a fantastic service to the Victorian GLBTI community.

To find out more about Switchboard as a service or volunteering for Switchboard visit . If you’re not in Victoria and wondering what you can do to help your community, there are many similar services all over the world. Google “Gay and Lesbian Switchboard” and your state / country name; see what you can find.

* I was going to write “man”, but that doesn’t seem appropriate these days and surely “man” came about as a shortened form of “human”.


  1. I’d love to help out, but I’m not allowed to volunteer here for fear of being deported, and I’m tipping that being a charitable organisation back “home” they can’t afford the phonebill to allow me to help remotely.

    Awesome cause though, and you know I think you rock already! So I shan’t say it again ;)

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