Been Slack Times Round Here

Well to be honest I’ve been a little sick of late, unlike my intelligent friend Ben, from Sydney, I don’t get a flu-shot every year, which means every year I get the flu… crazy huh.

Speaking of Ben, he was in Melbourne over the weekend for L’Oréal Fashion Week, videoing content for the company he works for and thankfully we had the opportunity to catch up for dinner on Friday night.

We met with his co-workers at the Bedouin Kitchen in St Kilda for an awesome banquet meal and much revalry. The food was brilliant, the service was satisfactory (but not great). The conversation was free flowing and at one point all about the Stella McCartney range of clothes that was to go on sale at Target.

Ben and two of the Girls work on an online magazine, RedZero, and it is affiliated in part with Target. Everyone knew that the Stella line was going to cause a huge fuss, and now you can basically only find pieces online, for sale on eBay, where you can buy it for twice the price that it was for sale at target for. Insane. I don’t care it if is Stella McCartney, all I know is that it IS Target. Which here in Australia isn’t one of the better stores to buy clothes from.

Just so happens that this past weekend here in Melbourne was a long weekend, I had three glorious days of coughing till I thought my chest was coming out, nose blowing, sleeping, brushing my teeth over and over, and more sleeping.

When not sleeping I was watching TV shows that had been downloaded [whoops I mean recorded on my PVR, not that the shows are on over here ;) ], watching movies or playing World of Warcraft (WOW).

On the WOW-front, I’m now a level 34, YAY for me, one more level and I can eat the soup that Vlad (Ciric, a 46) gave me last night.

Regarding the TV Shows, I’m all caught up on Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls, House, Desperate Housewives, Medium, Lost and of course Heroes.

The movie I watched this weekend, should have been “Blood Dolls” because I have been promising to watch it for some time, instead it was “Man of the Year” starring Robin Williams. To be honest I found it to be less of a movie, more an overdue stab at the American “democratic” model. The one thing that the movie rams home, and something I’ve always said, the government should be working FOR THE PEOPLE, not for the lobbiests that give millions of dollars to their campaigns.

In other news, I’ve decided to pimp my MySpace (which I don’t actually use). I was checking out Andrew Christian’s website this morning, he’s a fashion designer, and noticed that he had some free “MySpace Page Templates“. Because they were covered with hot models, and because I’ve never changed my MySpace page I figured I’d give it a go. Wanting to start my own company like where we are looking into the marketing others use is a v.good idea.

Well, there is a short update about Marketing on Facebook in Palm Beach FL. Now I have to go get ready for work for another fun-filled days in this short 4-day week. Visit the site here for more marketing tips.

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