Anthony Callea Agrees

Continuing the gay theme, as I am want to do, it appears that Anthony Callea has offered the Herald Sun an exclusive article that is published today. “Anthony Callea gay and proud” is the article in which Anthony talks about hiding his sexuality, until today.

He says he is concerned for his family who lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne? Jeepers Anthony there are a huge number of gays living right near your folks so they won’t get any flack from them. And I think the world has changed a bit, people don’t really care so much.

Another thing that is noted from the article and the comments people have provided below it on the Herald Sun website, is how the private life, and if someone is gay or not should not be relevant.

While to a certain extent I agree, it’s your private life, it should remain that way, I feel that putting yourself into something like Australian Idol, where so much background information is given on the contestants throughout the course of the show people become curious.

And hey if people were willing to stay out of other people’s personal lives there would be no market place for magazines like “Famous”, “Women’s Weekly”, “Women’s Day” etc. Staying out of the personal lives of others is just not something humans are capable of.

I for one am glad that Anthony has come out, I look forward to the red carpet walks with his partner in hand.

And to Erin who left the comment on my post “Come Out, Come Out, Where ever you are“, I’ll take your life savings now please :P

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  1. Gawd, if people weren’t no intrinsically interested in the lives of others our blog readerships would evaporate overnight.

    I’m all for a bit of delving into people’s lives. That being said, privacy should also be respected. It’s a fine line that’s trod.

    While it’s a great thing that Anthony has gone public with his sexuality, it’s also a shame that it ever had to become a topic of question in the media.

    The boy can sing, that’s all that matters. I’m just happy that through Idol he was taught the correct use of hair product. The early footage showed him looking like he’d been used as a “swiffer” in a sauna.
    Never a good look. ;)

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