AM Update

Last night in World of Warcraft, David, Vlad and I started new characters on the Dath’Remar realm. This time round I’m a Taurian Shaman (currently level 6) named Cyprus. And yep I’m a girl this time round. Never actively chosen to play a member of the fairer sex in any game where the choice is given, and one sex over the other gives no advantage in this game… except… I hear it told that if you play the part well, other players are willing to share their loot with you. Just cause you’re a girl.

We also have to bonus that we are able to mail ourselves items from our alts (alternative characters), so now Cyprus is a cashed-up bogan spending like there is no tomorrow. Now I just have to find a nice guild that will take me.

A thing of note; I slipped a couple of posts in down below. Kinda didn’t notice that by default all posts are marked as “Draft” in this new version of WordPress so a couple didn’t get published including a weekend update and my Birthday wishes for my Brother from the 13th.

SpinRite from GRCAlso this morning I’ve finally started recovering Daniel’s Hard Drive which failed a couple of weeks back. Using SpinRite from GRC in an attempt to by-pass the bad sectors which formatting won’t seem to skip. Good news is, it seems to be working, bad news says it’s going to take 17 hours to complete. That’s a long long process. But then it’s a 320GB HDD so I suppose it has lots of sectors to go through and I did choose thorough. Only thing is we are without TV for the next 17 hours (the PC is a Media Center and SpinRite runs in FreeDOS can’t use both at once). Thankfully a lot of that will be work time.

So fingers crossed the hard drive comes good, I have no doubt that it will end up being a little smaller when all the bad sectors are partitioned away, but it will still be functional.

Off to work now… have a great day y’all.

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