Needful Things

Needful ThingsI’m about halfway through the book “Needful Things”, by Stephen King. It’s the second time reading it, the first being over ten years ago when it was first published.

I don’t often re-read books. I find that once I start, everything comes flooding back and the book is complete in my head less than a quarter of the way in.

Perhaps the long time passed as played havoc with my memory of this particular book, or maybe the storage space in my mind is becoming full, and old unrequired information is starting to fade away, making room for current memory requirements.

I’m enjoying the book all over again… Mr King does a great job, as always, in this book. His ability to mash all of his characters so easily into each others lives is phenominal. I have also found that by going back and re-reading this one, I’ve picked up some cross-over with some of his other books I hadn’t read until after reading Needful Things.

I recommend it to all happy readers. And while Stephen Kings writings have often been classified as “Horror”, very few of his books are what I would consider spine chilling. They are however quite gripping and get you in, hear and soul.

I also just read on his official site, “The Mist” is being made into a movie… sweet. It was a great short story and with any luck will be treated nicely on the big screen.

Flickr Find Photography

Flickr Find 0007

If you want to see some great photos check out v-spec and his Flickr photos. This shot here is just one of his nearly 300 amazing photos.

V-spec’s candid shots are beautiful, he also has a series of “sTREET” photos where he has obviously approached people on the street and asked them permission. I wish I was forward enough to do that… so any times I have seen a great shot or a group who look just right, only to walk on by and let the moment pass.

I have to become more adventurous. Since I received my new camera I take it practically everywhere and yet I seem to be getting more and more shots of Bungee than anything else.

Suck it up kid… I guess that’s my advice to myself. Our life is what we make it, if I keep standing in the background I’ll always be a rock in the school play.

Note: I was never really a rock in the school play. I was once a major role, who during rehersals got stage fright and was replaced, only to become a henchman. I should have learnt back then I guess.


Otters are so Cute

In the News

Anthony Callea Agrees

Continuing the gay theme, as I am want to do, it appears that Anthony Callea has offered the Herald Sun an exclusive article that is published today. “Anthony Callea gay and proud” is the article in which Anthony talks about hiding his sexuality, until today.

He says he is concerned for his family who lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne? Jeepers Anthony there are a huge number of gays living right near your folks so they won’t get any flack from them. And I think the world has changed a bit, people don’t really care so much.

Another thing that is noted from the article and the comments people have provided below it on the Herald Sun website, is how the private life, and if someone is gay or not should not be relevant.

While to a certain extent I agree, it’s your private life, it should remain that way, I feel that putting yourself into something like Australian Idol, where so much background information is given on the contestants throughout the course of the show people become curious.

And hey if people were willing to stay out of other people’s personal lives there would be no market place for magazines like “Famous”, “Women’s Weekly”, “Women’s Day” etc. Staying out of the personal lives of others is just not something humans are capable of.

I for one am glad that Anthony has come out, I look forward to the red carpet walks with his partner in hand.

And to Erin who left the comment on my post “Come Out, Come Out, Where ever you are“, I’ll take your life savings now please :P

Daily Life

David’s New Toy

Last night David brought home is newest toy… the Delonghi Nespresso EN180 Coffee Machine. He purchased it using gift vouchers that he received from points that were granted to him for the great work he does at Optus.

Also pictured is the Aeroccino. The new automatic milk heater and frother also from Nespresso. The cool thing about the Aeroccino is you just push one button (after filling it with milk) and it does the rest.

He enjoys his coffee and now at least with these fully automatic machines, when I attempt to make him one I won’t burn the coffee or underheat the milk.

It’s even red and matches our red Kitchen Aid mixer. Damn shame I don’t drink coffee.


More to the Point

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post “Being Gay…“, following the comment my brother wrote. I suppose it is more in reply to my brother and could have just been a replied comment, but I suppose I really wanted to drive home the point that we, the gays, don’t decide to be this way… it in built into the wiring.

I guess that you don’t understand the displacement one feels as an outsider. You had your girlfriends during school, even your interaction with your peers was very different, you could laugh and joke about the way you were feeling during this time and the girls you liked. You could hold hands in the corridors, sit with one another during recess and lunch. You could go out to parties on the weekend and snog (and I’m sure other things) to your heart’s content. You could go shopping with your girlfriends at Penrith Plaza, celebrate valentines day.

I wasn’t a wallflower because that’s the way I wanted to be, I was shy and withdrawn because everything around me was telling me the way I felt was wrong. EVERYTHING around me was telling me that the way I felt when I was checking out the other guys in the school corridor was wrong.

My mind was asunder during adolescence,  I felt jealous when I saw Nicola McCrory (sp?) with the guy named Owen (who incidentally lived just around the corner from us in Jamisontown). Owen was a surfy guy with blond hair and tanned skin. You and I used to ride our bikes home the same way as he did from school.

I remember sitting in a bath tub at Joanne Webb’s birthday party, with Joanne and Suzie Bryan, telling her how bad her boyfriend of the time, Lee (who went to Cambridge Park High), was for showing up, having a couple of beers then running off to another party. Telling her how she deserved better. But really, I thought he was hot.

From my year at school there are three confirmed gay guys and two lesbians (more assumed but not confirmed). Me being one of the guys, the other two being Stephen Spencer and Andrew Southers. THEY WERE MY TWO BEST FRIENDS AT SCHOOL! But we never talked about it. I never knew. So deep-seeded was the notion that everything about the way I felt was wrong that I couldn’t even broach the subject with my best friends.

Fortunately the world is different now. I look at YouTube and know that the Internet has had a great deal to do with the change.

The younger generation has a lot more freedom, but it’s still not as it should be. The day will come when being gay will be a non-event. In the same way you brought a girlfriend home and Dad welcomed her to the family (as if you were going to marry every one of them) will happen the same when guys bring their boyfriends home. But that’s still a while off yet.

I remember when I told Dad that I was gay he said he still loved me. He also said that he wouldn’t accept having my boyfriend come visit with me in Coffs Harbour. In the same conversation he told me to tell you to visit him more often, WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND.

To his credit, he did come banging on the bedroom door at 4am (the night of the conversation) to tell me he was an “asshole” and that if he was going to love me then he would of course like me to visit with my partner.  And that was probably the happiest time of my life to that point.

But all those years of worrying that something was wrong with me, something that I couldn’t tell anyone at all… that was hell on Earth.

There are still young guys and girls being kicked out of home for coming out. There are countries in the world when young men are being hanged in front of cheering crowds for being gay.

The world is getting better, but it has a way to go.

So after that rant (which wasn’t such a quick follow-up at all) I guess my point regarding my previous post is: I’m not saying we should have gay sex discussed in schools. But homosexuality should be. Kids need to know the way they are feeling is not wrong. They should know they are normal. After all the way both you and I feel is the same. We just have different objects of our affection.

And you’re right, some parents are prejudiced, and won’t give their kids the right message. That is why education is important.

Telling a young adult about homosexuality isn’t going to make them gay.

And all those who insist that it is a “lifestyle choice” are implying that they have in fact made a choice to be heterosexual. Does that mean they have had feelings regarding homosexuality. I can tell you with all honesty I’ve never had feelings of heterosexuality so there was no “choice” for me to make.

Yikes that was a bit of a downer… sorry, but I needed to get it out there. Is this what group counselling is like?


Being Gay… please read.

This is probably one of the hardest posts I’ve ever started to write, but I know once I get going it will all flow.

Partly spawned by a video on YouTube that is protesting changes to UK legislation that will introduce homosexuality as part of the sex education curriculum. The video has an enactment of what the people who created it wants you to think is going to happen in schools if the legislation passes.

They present a teacher telling a group of (maybe) six year olds about gay sex, and that everyone is bisexual… and that if you don’t agree with it you’re homophobic and that makes you bad. Teachers must be fair when it comes to this issue and they must learn the proper approach to this topic. To do that, maybe they should consider a classroom observation to be a better educator.

They say that “trick camera work” was used so the kids weren’t actually subjected to the information, but do you know what, those kids were still USED against their will. Those kids have no understanding of how their image is being used to promote the stupidity of the video’s creators. I just hope some of them grow up and sue the makers for abusing their rights like that.

And now let’s get serious, the legislation isn’t talking about introducing the gay Karma Sutra into the classroom. And as much as some people would like you to believe it, being gay isn’t all about SEX, SEX, SEX.

Being homosexual is the SAME as being heterosexual and for a lot of people in the world, even the sex part is the same. I mean it’s not like heterosexuals never have anal sex. Now that we have the sex part out of the way.

Being homosexual is also about LOVE, COMMITMENT, TRUST, TRUTH.

There are those of us who seek out our perfect partner and settle down as a couple. There are those of us who whore it up and remain single bed hoppers. There are even those of us who want the best of both worlds and cheat on their partners… and please note when I say US in the sentences above, the term applies to both homo- and heterosexuals don’t kid yourself thinking otherwise.

Some gay people look to the scientists to find out WHY we are gay, some anti-gay groups look the scientists to see if they can STOP people being gay.

Some anti-gay groups will tell you that being gay is a lifestyle choice that has been made by the individual.

I will tell you, from first hand experience, that gay is how I was born. If there is a god then the Christian fundamentalists who would have me locked away, or sent to a degayafacation camp or killed MUST believe that it is their god that made me as I am.

I made no choice, and I was given no choice. How can one choose to be gay? People of my generation, and the generations that came before, grew up being told by parents, peers and media that the way we feel is wrong. Yet contrary to all of the stimuli that was around me, I was still attracted to the male of the species.

I remember watching shows because of the actors. As a kid I watched “Silver Spoons” for Ricky Schroder, “Our House” for Chad Allen and “Who’s the Boss?” for Danny Pintauro (all right for Mona too cause she was fabulous). The big thing about this is, I was somewhere between 10 and 15 when these shows were on the air. Another interesting note, two of the three actors are actually gay*!

I was friends with the girl across the street in Koomooloo Crescent, Mandy Bonner… but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t over there just to be around her older brother Paul. I’m pretty sure we moved out of Shalvey when I was about 11!

How different would my adolescence have been had I known that the feelings I had were okay? It’s a question I’ve asked myself and while I would never change my life now (I’m very happy with the way it has turned out) I would like to know that a new generation of young gay men and women are growing up, and will never have to ask themselves the same question.

Since coming out at seventeen, I’ve never hidden who I am, if someone asks a question I answer it, openly and honestly, no matter what the question is. Two reasons for this;

  1. They ask the question with the true and honest desire to understand and become better informed,
  2. They ask a question in the hope it embarrasses me and makes me feel uncomfortable,

Either way by being honest with the question asker and myself I know I’m doing the right thing.

I’m not asking for tolerance, because for you to tolerate something implies that you have to power to stop it, but you let it persist. I’m not asking for acceptance, because to accept something it implies that you’re having to take something on as your own. I’m asking that you live and let live. That you do with your life what you will, that you enjoy it… you only get the one, why waste the time trying to bring someone else down?

Of course it goes without saying, but I’m going to anyway, that in living and enjoying your life you should not impede anyone else’s enjoyment of life, cause no one else harm.

It’s hard to write about this stuff when you know your family reads your blog… and this is definitely a rant that has been a long time coming from me, so I thank you all for your indulgence and for those of you who made it this far, thanks for sticking with me and reading all the way to the end. It’s incomplete, I have so much more I want to say… perhaps another time.

Thanks for your time. I leave you with this Public Service Announcement from Norway.

*Guess my gaydar was working even way back then!

Daily Life

Hey Roberta! You’re Irish.

Strange Ireland

In a strange turn of events it appears that one company has decided to shuffle Europe around, and has left several countries Undefined. For the people of Italy it is great news, now you can all be potato farmers, just want you always wanted to do.

Ahhh another reason why people should thoroughly test their solutions before sending them live, of course their developers may well be pushed to the limit and not allowed the time to do the testing. I know how they feel and in instances such as that, these mistakes do happen.

But in this particular instance it’s not good for a company that sells GPS devices to show the world that it doesn’t actually know where anything is.

Well done Mio… now fix your site!