Wii / SingStar Party

What a fantastic night in Sanctuary Lakes, thanks to everyone who made the trip.

We’d set up the loungeroom special for the evening with TVs at either end of the room to allow both SingStar and Wii Sports to be played at the same time. The set-up meant no one got bored.

The true geeks amongst us also went outside to see what we could see through the telescope (you can find a goos one at https://familyfuntures.com/). The only problem where we live is the amount of light polution and therefore a limited number of good star clusters viewable.

Attendees were;
Melissa, Linda, David, Paul, Michael, Errol, Dorina, Chris, Nerissa, Darren, Pauline, Emma,
Jack, Raj, Vladan, Brad.

Food was mostly Indian that David had prepared the night before and on the day. We had two curries (meat and a veggie one), Dahl, Roti, Satay Skewers (Beef and Chicken), Stirfry, Chivapis (thanks Vlad), Fudge (thanks Pauly) and Brunetti’s Cake (thanks Errol and Dorina).

Big thanks to Mel and Linda who skewered their way through the creation of 94 satay skewers (we’ll be eating leftovers for days).

David is kind of known for over catering, better to have too much than too little.

Night wrapped up around 1am with everyone making their way home. It’s always a treat when a party doesn’t involved copious amounts of alcohol but still allows for a good time.

There is an extensive set of photos on Flickr, 89 in total a few of which are a little AO and therefore only visible to people set as friends on Flickr. See the photos for Wii / SingStar Party Feb 3, 2007 on Flickr


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