When Rabbits Attack!

OMG it hurts when your rabbit decides it wants to be feral for the day and rip part of your arm open.

Bungee attacked me this afternoon when I tried to give him a little brushing to try and remove some of his fur that is shedding like mad.

I don’t think he likes me too much, he certainly doesn’t like to be brushed.

I must make more of an effort to play with him more, get him more human friendly.

In other news we had breakfast this morning with the girls (Mel and Linda) at the Waterstone café here in Sanctuary Lakes. Linda who is looking for a part-time job to support their just starting out business, noticed a sign on the door advertising a Kitchenhand job.

The house from 10-3 are perfect cause it will allow Linda to do work on their business while earning some cash.

We had breakfast (the Big Breakfast is BIG) and left Linda to enquire about the position. After about 20 minutes of us standing in the carpark we were greeted by a very happy Linda who advised that Lina, the manager, was taking down the help wanted signs… Linda had the job!

Gratz Linda. As a side note, sorry about the whole “gratz” thing peeps, it’s something I seem to have picked up from World of Warcraft.

Anyway, after breakfast we headed off to Midsumma Festival in Treasury Gardens to celebrate our gayness (as you do). To be honest there wasn’t much going on, which was a little disapointing as previous years have been a hoot. On top of the lack-lustre turn out was a need to pay a $5 “donation” for entry. They should have just called it an entry fee and left it at that.

What was funny was that we forgot to stop at the ATM on the way, and between the four of us barely scrapped together the $20 needed to get in. But once it it’s amazing how much you can spend without cash… Damn mobile EFTPOS machines.

We’re now signed up as members of the MQFF (Melbourne Queer Film Festival) at a cost of $35 each. Not that your $35 gets you much, but at least we’ll now feel compelled to go to at least a couple of the films this year.

I also renewed my Joy 94.9FM membership… but I gotta say wasn’t happy to notice that the fee has gone from $40 per year to $66! Kinda sucks for someone who has beeen paying for the last three years. We full-priced people got a extra slog of 26 bucks while the consession/pensioners went up by $5! Joy this may well be the lasat $66 you get outta me. Sure I enjoy listening to the station, Damien Nicholas is my favourite DJ of all time, but ouch… I can listen to it for free like all the others.

It’s worth note that their advertising ads say they reach 150,000+ listeners, but my most recent membership number was 4,227.

Anyway on our return trip home we stopped at Maccas to get some drinks from Drive-thru… scraping just a little more of our wallets to get the money together… and then came back to the Waterstone café for Coffee and Cake (not that I drink Coffee, yuck, I had mineral water).

Then it was home for some domestic chores while David installs Windows Vista on the Lounge room PC.

Now it’s 9.30 am and I’m tired as hell. These past couple of weeks have been a little crazy and I’m still recovering.

Tomorrow I’m starting back at the gym, and tomorrow night will start work on The Usagi Project. Got to get some stuff happening if I want to be wealthy before I’m 35! Only two years people… hop to it!


  1. What do you mean “feral for the day”??? The bloody rabbit has ALWAYS been feral… I’ve got the scars to prove it!!!

    I have a nice recipe for Rabbie Stew… or perhaps Baked Rabbit… Mmmmm

    That will teach him for being “Scratchy”…

  2. ROFL… in with love, remember he’s just a baby.

    Sara says to cut his nails… what’s more Sara says that her bunny just puts its paw out when it is nail cutting time. Apparently her little bunny loves having its nails done!

    I can’t imagine Bungy doing that.

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