The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Let’s start with the bad! Yesterday our new little car got hit. We were coming around the round-a-bout on Point Cook road, you know the one, (well most of you don’t, but play along with me) there are two round-a-bouts in a row. We had gone through the first and were stopped at the second when a car rounded the first and didn’t quite want to stop at the second.

We stopped him! And thankfully he wasn’t moving too fast. Sometimes people fly around that round-a-bout trying to get through both at once. And then it got a little ugly. We pulled off to the side of the road and all got out. A man and woman from their car, David and me from ours.

There wasn’t much damage at all, and I’ll be surprised if it’s not just a buff job, but as David pointed out, these new cars are all plastic and made to fold a fair bit until you get to the chasise. So we have to get it checked out… but back to the ugly. Actually I think I have to avoid the ugly at least for now… you see why if and when it is revealed. Let’s just say it doesn’t involved violence in any way. But it does involve a lot of pleading and grovelling from the other drive and their co-driver.

On to the good… hmmm what is good? My Blood Elf in World Of Warcraft is now a level 21, we’re off to the Scissor Sisters tonight (David and I, not my Blood Elf and I), it’s Friday which means the weekend is here and I’m still breathing… these are all good things.

Another good thing is that I have been taking a lot of photos with my new camera, a bad thing is they are not all very good. A good thing is that like a human every camera has its own personality and I’m starting to learn the personality of my 400D.

So let’s all get into Friday and be happy that in about 11 hours (from time of posting) the weekend will be here. And in 13 hours (from time of posting) I’ll be in the middle of the floor screaming for the Scissor Sisters to come on stage. It’s gonna be an awesome night.

Oh one other point, Midsumma Festival is wrapping up soon and the Carnival is on this weekend at Treasury Gardens, so all you local Melbourne gays get on down to Midsumma, stop by the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard booth and given them some money. The volunteers at the Swithboard do a lot to support the community by taking anonymous calls from those who need an ear. And even if you’ve never called them you may have a friend, partner or family member who has. You’d be surprised the range of calls the volunteers get… I should know :P

So have a great weekend, for me it means a very busy week at work is behind me (YAY) and I can have my nights back to myself instead of coming home and doing more work.

I’ll leave you with two vids from YouTube. One is a mac ad, by someone other than Apple and is very cool (found with thanks to SMLXL).

The other really deserves a post all of its own, but I don’t have time. It’s a very profound look at the way the Web really works these days. And how while we all take it for granted, it’s a machine that is growing stronger every day because of the big businesses that pour money into it, the governments who want to control it (and thereby us), the content businesses who are facing stiff competition from users US. Thanks to Vedran who pointed out this one.


  1. It’s Not Just A Buff Job!!!

    We’re now the proud owners of a Ford Fiesta with an anoying rattle from the rear end of the vehicle…


  2. :( Sadness… we’ll get it fixed though, don’t worry. Smooch. We just don’t have much luck with cars do we… they seem to be magnets once we’re in them. Maybe I should say “when I’m in them” cause you’ve never had an accident when you’ve been alone!

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