Shutdown Day – 24th March 2007

Can you do it?

Shutdown your computer and walk away for 24 hours? Maybe you can try.

Off to to find out more and sign-up.


  1. Sorry I’d fail, I know this without even considering it that far into the future.
    Unless of course I blog the day before and post-date it for the actual day so it looks like I’ve been online when really I haven’t.
    But then of course that would make it look like I failed, and then of course it’d get all to messy trying to explain, and now I’m lost in a silly circular argument ;)

    I won’t make any promises, but I will go sort my recycling now so that I can assuage some of the guilt ;)

  2. LOL not sure I’m gonna make it… but then who knows. Might be nice to find something new to do… AND this could be the perfect reason for you to miss your first ever (and only) day.

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